Erotic Art


X-per's Dreams

"That's right! It's me, Candice! I can see you are just thrilled. That's okay, I'm thrilled to see you here at X-per's Dreams! Yes, I said it, the X-per's Dreams! And I really can say that sometimes I swear I've had these same dreams! What do you mean? What dreams? Let me show you. Come come! Hurry along now; follow the sway of my hips through this site of erotic dreams and weaving stories.

Now over here on our right, we have a lovely lady in a Cowboy hat and, oh dear! What's he doing!?! Oh, you mean we can try that out later? Okay! I mean, well... well maybe chatter later, yes? What is that smile about again? Hmm? Oh! Hurry along now, come on inside, let me show you the rest.

I have to say right here, and right now that X-per certainly captures the imagination and makes that lip puff out in wanton desires. Girl on girl. Skin on skin. Male to female. Every imagination is seen and appealed to and shown with a colorful array of positions that just makes me want to... Come where with you? Why of course!

I mean, wait! Don't you want to hear the rest? Of course its a dream silly but what a wet erotic dream! Dig deeper with me. Bring a drink if you like, you're going to need it. So do I, come to think of it. So many positions portrayed here. So many things I haven't thought to try yet. I'm just so excited! Going to stay? Please do. I promise to stay with you! Well, for as long as Mr. Stormbringer will allow me to."


It's All Coming Together!

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